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Hefila Holding for Marble & Granite

Hefila Group was established in 1987 by a group of specialists in the field of marble and granite to be a leading company in Egypt and the Arab world.
Hefila Group is one of the leading companies in the field of imported marble and granite, providing all types of Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, and Syrian.
The company owns a group of the latest production lines equipped with the latest technology in the manufacture of marble and granite in the Shaq El-Taban Industrial Zone to cover the needs of the local and international market with the best materials and specifications. We have exhibitions selling all types of local and imported marble and granite.
Therefore, with our capabilities and experience, we are considered one of the best suppliers of marble and granite with the best and highest international quality specifications and at the best prices.
Since our company enjoys a good reputation and respect in the Egyptian and international market, it has acquired a satisfactory share of the marble and granite market at the local level. We look forward to increasing our customers and our share in the local market and at the international level by exporting our products to many international markets. We look forward to more

Hafila Holding Group of Companies is an agent for the largest Italian granite companies and quarries, the most important of which are (Brescia Daino - Perlato Sicilia - Bacino Classic)
We also provide most types of imported granite, perhaps the most important of which are Indian Galaxy Black - Indian Double Black - Indian Tiger - Finnish Baltic Brown.
In addition, the company provides all types of Egyptian granite with its various specifications.
- Hefila Group provides marble in its various forms, whether it is stone blocks without any manufacturing operations on it to customers within the Egyptian market.
- It also provides tables of all types of imported marble in its initial form without any treatment, polishing or cutting work for customers who wish to obtain this status.
- Hefila Group provides marble tables treated in all its forms (traditionally processed manually - processed in a multi-storey Italian electric oven at very high temperatures and for a long period that increases the hardness of the material)
- The company provides shiny marble tables without processing according to the customers' desire, as well as shiny and treated marble tables.
- The company provides various manufactured sizes (squares) according to the customers’ desire and provides them on wooden discs for ease of loading and transportation and maintaining the integrity of the materials, as well as providing them in boxes prepared for export to all countries of the world. The company owns several machines for cutting and manufacturing marble and granite.

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